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Residential Energy Storage Products
  • Three Phase Series
  • Single Phase Series
EV Charger
C&I Energy Storage Products
Storage Fully Integrated

9.4K can store clean energy for use at any time. You can customize the integrated system to fit your facilities and reduce energy costs. The system includes battery modules, bidirectional inverters, thermal management systems and control devices.


Power partner is a rechargeable lithium-ion energy storage solution manufactured by HANCHU ESS. Investing in a home power partner can reduce the amount you spend on electricity and ensure that you are never without power.


Founders enter the industry.


Establishment & Solutions of intelligent charging and ESS replacement


ESS Manufacturing in Wuxi Launch of HANCHU ESS Cloud Platform


100MWh+ C&I ESS Delivered Introduction of HOME-LV series R&D Area Exceeds 10,000㎡


Comprehensive ESS Solutions for All Scenarios 700MWh+ C&I ESS Delivered


Comprehensive Iteration of Digital Energy Solutions. 40,000+㎡ Production Area, 8GWh Annual Production Capacity


Comprehensive ESS Solutions for All Scenarios 700MWh+ C&I ESS Delivered

100000 +
Energy storage system delivered
8 GWh
Annual production capacity
500 +
Employees worldwide
35 %
R&D team accounted percentage
Residential Energy Storage

Hanchu home energy storage solution employs advanced battery technology to intelligently manage and optimize your energy use, serving as a reliable backup during outages and saving costs through smart scheduling during peak electricity demand.

Backup Power Supply
Self-Generation and Self-Consumption
Peak Shaving and Valley Filling
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C&I Energy Storage

Our energy storage solution is designed to manage energy needs efficiently, with cutting-edge technology to store and use electricity. It controls costs and provides reliable backup power, keeping operations smooth.

Commercial Peak Shaving and Valley Filling
Emergency Backup Power Supply
Green and Sustainable Business Practice
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Utility Energy Storage

Generation side:Hanchu ESS Solution effectively integrates and smooths renewable energy, enhancing clean energy penetration. Utility grid side: Hanchu ESS Solution meets peak demand and frequency regulation, ensuring efficient and stable grid operation.

Smoothing renewable power output
Reducing wind and solar curtailment
Peak shaving & Frequency regulation
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HANCHU iESS provides comprehensive services for your equipment - seamless integration, lifelong security monitoring and complete control aiming at enhancing customer good experience and assistance to reduce carbon emission globally.

Ultimate convenience in connectivity
Multi-level security alerts
Extended service lifespan
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HOME-ESS-HV Stackable Series

Discover the exceptional capabilities of HANCHU ESS HV 2.7K, an advanced high-voltage energy storage battery. Experience superior reliability and efficiency with its breakthrough in compact design, impressive bulk and energy density, engineered safety features, and user-friendly adaptability for effortless integration of clean energy into your lifestyle.

Touchable Display
Enhances user experience and operational convenience.
External Circuit Breaker
Improves system security for maintenance and emergency response.
Quick-fit Plugs
Offer convenience, simplifying the installation process, enhancing system reliability and flexibility.
Wifi Antenna
Can be connected to a cloud platform for smart energy management.Stackable with 3~12 battery modules
Fire-fighting Module
Provides efficient fire protection and enhances the safety of the battery system.
Heat Dissipation Backplate
Improves thermal performance, enhances system stability and extends battery life.
Smart BMS
Enables intelligent monitoring and management to improve system performance and security.

Feel The Energy Connection, Everything In Control


HANCHU iESS, a comprehensive management system, monitors and optimizes the lifecycle of energy devices. It integrates seamlessly with HANCHU energy systems, streamlining management and enhancing storage value.


HANCHU APP, experience quick and convenient access to your energy systems, enabling on-the-go management and control.

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